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Is a Free Applicant Tracking System Right for Your Business?

A free ATS could be the perfect fit for your small business. I sat down with 4 free ATS vendors to see what you should take into consideration.


3 Recruiting Reports You Should Be Running Regularly

I interviewed executives at three HR software companies to see what recruiting reports they recommend clients run regularly.


Should You Use Instagram to Recruit?

Recruiting through Instagram is growing in popularity, but is it a useful tool for your business. Here are 4 questions to help you decide.


Vivint’s Strategies for Hiring 1,943 Employees in a Year

Vivint hired 1,943 employees in 2013. I sat down with the company’s Director of Talent Acquisition, Sean McKeehan, to see how he and his team did it.


Early Results Find Companies Spend $173 on Advertising Per Hire

We reveal the early findings of our Advertising Cost per Hire survey. Smaller businesses may be spending more on each new hire than their larger counterparts.


Lift Off: JetBlue Increases Recognition Satisfaction by 88 Percent

Using social recognition software, JetBlue was able to drastically increase employee engagement in 4 months. I sat down with their VP of Crew Relations to see how.


5 Questions to Ask Before Going Holacratic

Zappos recently announced its plan to go holacratic. Should you? We interviewed the experts to find 5 questions you should ask before making the move.


Principal vs. Agency Experience: Hiring Managers Beware

At Software Advice, we do things ourselves. This attitude extends to hiring: in general, we like to hire people who come from principal backgrounds.


How Mindflash Uses Mindflash to Train Its Employees

Learning management systems have revolutionized how companies train employees. We asked Mindflash, a pioneer in the space, how they use their own product.


How SAP Used Facebook to Find 3 Hires in 48 Hours

Will Staney, director of recruiting at the software giant SAP, has been able to leverage social media to find great hires in record time. Here’s how.

The Office

Experience is a Function of Time, Quality and Intensity

Not all experience is created equal. In my opinion, experience is a function of time, quality and intensity.


How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn to Recruit

How does LinkedIn use its own recruiting tools to recruit? I interviewed Mark Alfaro, one of LinkedIn’s senior product recruiters, to find out.

Job search

How Job Seekers Use Glassdoor Reviews

How do Glassdoor reviews impact job seeker’s decision to apply for, and accept, jobs? We conducted a survey of 4,633 job seekers to find out.


How to Recruit for Tech Positions: Advice from Samsung’s Lead of Talent Acquisition

The tech field’s growing—recruiters may one day have to recruit for tech positions. I interviewed Samsung’s Lead of Talent Acquisition to see how it’s done.


How The Resumator Uses The Resumator to Recruit

With so many options available, how can you develop the best strategy to recruit quality hires? We asked The Resumator for core strategies it uses to recruit top talent.

Kim Rohrer Thumbnail

How One Woman Built Disqus’ HR Department From Scratch

We interviewed Kim Rohrer, the head of HR at Disqus, a startup that went through growing pains and came out on top.


Employee Disengagement Is a Disease: Cure It With a Question

Employee disengagement is growing. Ruth Ross, a former senior HR executive, speaks about first steps managers can take toward re-engaging employees.


Public Relations: The Recruiter’s Secret Weapon

Companies can use PR to attract lots of new applicants, as well as create a strong employer brand. Here are few ways to leverage PR for your own recruiting benefit.


How Does Zao Use Zao to Get Referrals?

Employee referrals deliver great candidates, but are you getting the most out of your referral program? The referral experts at Zao share their tips and tricks.


We Just Hired the Last Qualified Person on Earth

We discovered that an “A” player employee would generate about three times what a “B” player would. But we had to hire creatively—”A” players are hard to find.