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Survey: Can MOOCs Help You Attract and Retain Gen Y Talent?

We surveyed 1,500 people about using MOOCs at work, and found that MOOCs have the potential to help attract, train and retain younger workers—on a budget.


What Gen Y Really Wants

We analyzed 1,355 of our job applications in order to answer the question: When it comes to employment, what does Gen Y really want?


A Checklist for Creating Effective Job Postings

Job boards are integral to attract candidates. But you don’t want just any candidates. Optimize your postings with these 7 steps to attract more high-quality applicants.


Is a Free Applicant Tracking System Right for Your Business?

A free ATS could be the perfect fit for your small business. I sat down with 4 free ATS vendors to see what you should take into consideration.


3 Recruiting Reports You Should Be Running Regularly

I interviewed executives at three HR software companies to see what recruiting reports they recommend clients run regularly.


Vivint’s Strategies for Hiring 1,943 Employees in a Year

Vivint hired 1,943 employees in 2013. I sat down with the company’s Director of Talent Acquisition, Sean McKeehan, to see how he and his team did it.


Lift Off: JetBlue Increases Recognition Satisfaction by 88 Percent

Using social recognition software, JetBlue was able to drastically increase employee engagement in 4 months. I sat down with their VP of Crew Relations to see how.

Job search

How Job Seekers Use Glassdoor Reviews

How do Glassdoor reviews impact job seeker’s decision to apply for, and accept, jobs? We conducted a survey of 4,633 job seekers to find out.

Kim Rohrer Thumbnail

How One Woman Built Disqus’ HR Department From Scratch

We interviewed Kim Rohrer, the head of HR at Disqus, a startup that went through growing pains and came out on top.


Employee Disengagement Is a Disease: Cure It With a Question

Employee disengagement is growing. Ruth Ross, a former senior HR executive, speaks about first steps managers can take toward re-engaging employees.

Shaking hands

We Just Hired the Last Qualified Person on Earth

We discovered that an “A” player employee would generate about three times what a “B” player would. But we had to hire creatively—”A” players are hard to find.

The Savant

Psychological Profiles of the Dream Team: Summary Findings

Building your corporate dream team is like a coach building a sports team: it’s not a group of perfect athletes, but a perfect combination.

Golden Watch

Want to Be an HR Executive? Establish a Track Record of Tenure

We examine the career histories of top HR executives to see how many companies they worked for and how long it took each to reach their first executive-level position.

The Savant

Psychological Profiles of the Dream Team: The Savant

Savants are really good at what they do. Really, really good. They have the ability to become skilled in many, but not all, fields.

The Giver

Psychological Profiles of the Dream Team: The Giver

As the name implies, Givers like to give to other people. At work, their overarching mission is to give to the company, often putting co-workers ahead of themselves.

The Matrix Thinker

Psychological Profiles of the Dream Team: The Matrix Thinker

Matrix Thinkers are your creative types. They don’t just “think outside the box,” they think about where the it came from, why it’s there and how it could be better.

The Champ

Psychological Profiles of the Dream Team: The Champ (and the Chip)

The Champ is your quintessential high-performing salesperson. Champs are high-energy, optimistic and love engaging with people.


Recruiting Best Practices From Today’s Hottest Startups

Startup companies have to make every hire really count. As a result, they often use unique and innovative tactics to find quality candidates.


4 Women at the Top of the HR Field: How They Got Where They Are Today

I interviewed four women in senior HR positions. All are extremely successful in their chosen careers, but how did they get where they are today?


5 Jobs for the HR Department of the Future

HR is becoming “more strategic.” But what does exactly does that mean? And what positions will this “more strategic” HR department of the future include?