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Recruiting Best Practices From Today’s Hottest Startups

Startup companies have to make every hire really count. As a result, they often use unique and innovative tactics to find quality candidates.


4 Women at the Top of the HR Field: How They Got Where They Are Today

I interviewed four women in senior HR positions. All are extremely successful in their chosen careers, but how did they get where they are today?


5 Jobs for the HR Department of the Future

HR is becoming “more strategic.” But what does exactly does that mean? And what positions will this “more strategic” HR department of the future include?

college grads

How to Hire – and Retain – Recent College Graduates

Every business owner knows hiring recent college grads can be challenging. We’ve learned the hard way that many recent grads are not yet ready for the real world.

Secret Ingredient

Why Honesty Is the Secret Ingredient of Successful Organizations

Honesty isn’t simply the best policy–it’s the only way to build a “happy” workplace and a successful organization.


Expert Roundtable — Personality Testing in the Hiring Process: Brilliant or Birdbrained?

Put simply, hiring is hard. Personality testing companies like eHarmony are entering the recruiting space–but will algorithms make hiring any easier?

Work in Progress

5 Reasons High Turnover Can Be Good for Your Small Business

Despite traditional thinking, low employee turnover isn’t always preferable–it can indicate that your employees are poorly selected, overpaid and complacent.

Fireworks - Recruiting Survey Report

Social Media Dominates Recruiting Channels

Social media has increased the number of candidate recruiting channels available to recruiters. But do these new channels deliver high quality candidates?

Money Money Money

Should You Keep Your Payroll In-house or Outsource It?

Payroll has long been one of the most outsourced functions in the business world, but it might be worth considering keeping payroll in-house.

Sky's the Limit

The HR Department of 2020: 6 Bold Predictions

The human resources department is doomed. There’s no viable future for the HR function. At least that’s what some are saying. They’re wrong.


Bartenders, Servers, Baristas—and Other Awesome Hires

Some great hires are “diamonds in the rough”: intelligent, passionate and driven people who may not be immediately obvious as the right fit.


Pay Employees for Referring New Hires? Heck, I’ll Pay Anyone for a Great Hire!

If employees can refer great new hires, why can’t people who don’t work for us? Our 500 Bucks Program takes referrals a step further.


Role-Playing During Interviews: Coffee, Anyone?

We learned the hard way that we needed to hire more for raw talent in candidates than job experience. Our solution? The “coffee scenario.”

Job seeking tips

Nine Job-Seeking Tips for College Graduates

Through my experience interviewing hundreds of recent grads for my own business, I’ve come up with this list of tips for job-seeking, recent college graduates.

Marsh Case Study

Case Study: Marsh Transforms Itself with Social Technology

In the wake of low employee engagement scores, executive leadership at Marsh committed to making the company a great place to work.

Tuition Assistance

4 Steps to a More Successful Tuition Assistance Program

Tuition assistance programs can close employees’ skill gaps in the near term, and strengthen your internal pipeline of leadership candidates in the long term.

Managers Guide Book

High Potentials vs. High Performers: A Manager’s Guide to Identify, Assess and Develop

Performance and potential are not mutually exclusive. A manager who understands the difference will be more effective in engaging and retaining both.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement: What It Is, What It Isn’t, and Why It Matters

63 percent of U.S. workers “are not fully engaged in their work and are struggling to cope with work situations that don’t provide sufficient support.”


The Recognition Software Round-Up: 4 Great Tools to Boost Employee Engagement

Incorporating a formalized recognition program into your talent management initiatives could be the linchpin that prevents good people from leaving your company.

Gold Medals

3 Reasons to Grow Talent You Have Into Leaders You Need

A change has to occur in the way companies source leaders. Rather than look outward when a leader is needed, they should instead continuously look inward.