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Recent Posts

Company Culture Chief

Company Culture, From the Top: The Emergence of the “Culture Chief”

A growing number of companies are hiring “culture chiefs.” I recently spoke to three company leaders to learn about their experiences with this emerging role.

Expert Roundtable

Expert Roundtable – Consumerization of IT: A Call to Arms for HR?

From employee self-service portals to social media elements in performance management, the technology employees expect to find in the workplace is changing.

office dog

Creative Benefits to Engage, Motivate, and Retain

Attracting and retaining top talent is a formidable challenge for business leaders. Beyond salaries, benefits can play a crucial role.


Exit Interviews: HR’s Diamond in the Rough

Exit interviews are diamonds in the rough for Human Resources. They’re your best chance to capture actionable and critical feedback from an employee.

Strategic HR

Strategic Human Resources Management 101: A Primer for Success

HR departments have evolved from policy policing and benefits administration to a far more strategic role of engaging and developing the workforce.


A Generation Y Perspective on Performance Reviews

Just as a company would adjust its business model for a changing market, so too must they adapt for the newest workforce: Generation Y.